Want to Climb Everest Base Camp? Well, if an 8 Month Old Puppy Can Do It – So Can You!

Trekking to Everest Base Camp is a real Bucket List adventure, and while it requires a certain level of physical fitness, it seems that anyone can climb the world’s highest mountain, even an abandoned pup that was found on a dumpsite in Northern India!

Following in the footsteps of his big brother Oscar, who became an international celebrity with his World Woof Tour, Rupee the puppy is believed to be the first dog ever recorded at Everest Base Camp, and it all thanks to his animal loving ‘mum’ Joanne Lefson, who adopted him shortly after losing her beloved Oscar in a tragic accent.


Image Source: Oscar’s World Woof Tour

Oscar’s World Woof Tour saw him visit some of the world’s most famous landmarks including the Great Wall of China, Table Mountain, and Machu Picchu on an epic adventure that was designed to highlight the plight of some 375 million homeless dogs worldwide, and inspire the public to choose dog adoption when looking for a new pet.

Oscars final mission was to be Everest Base Camp, but sadly it was not to be, and so Rupee stepped in to help Joanne in ‘Expedition Mutt Everest’, carrying Oscars embroidered prayer flags all the way to the camp at 5,545 metres above sea level in honour of his memory.

The 8-month old pup faced snow delays, mudslides, rainstorms, yak-attacks, and hours of walking every day, but with Joanne by his side (and his very own porter), he made it all the way to Everest Base Camp, completing an expedition that many 2-legged travellers struggle to make!

Rupee even made the following statement: “Oscar gave a face to the masses and made us realize that even when just one dog is adopted, we may not change the world, but it will change the world for that animal forever – and, it might just make it to the top of the world too! I am simply an extension of Oscar’s legacy and a fine example of what can be achieved when a homeless dog is give a second chance” Rupee B.C.

Read more on the official website: (www.worldwooftour.com)

So if an 8-month old pup can make it to the EBC, there is no reason why you can’t! Book your expedition today!








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