Extreme Sports Holidays: The Biggest Travel Trend of 2017


If you find beach breaks boring, bus tours too organised, and all-inclusive package holidays… well, too inclusive, then you could be the perfect candidate for an extreme sports holiday, which is widely reported to be the biggest travel trend of 2017.

Trekking Holidays Everest Base Camp

From Fat Biking in South Africa and White-Water Kayaking in New Zealand to Wingsuit Flying in Brazil and Ice Canoeing in Canada, there are some amazing Extreme Sports Holidays to be had for those who are looking for an overseas adventure, and they’ll take you to some of the most beautiful destinations and remote places on planet earth.

The beauty of sports holidays and active breaks, is that you can work hard during the day to burn off energy and calories doing something that you love, and reward yourself at night with delicious local cuisines and sweet treats! Work hard and play hard holidays might not be for everyone, but if it sounds like the perfect holiday for you, here a few ideas for your next extreme sports break:

Free Diving Holidays Honduras

There are some fabulous dive spots dotted around the globe, but if you want to go free diving with a veritable rainbow of tropical fish and a shiver of sharks, you should head to Roatan in the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Trekking Holidays in Nepal

It might not sound like an extreme adventure, but trekking at altitude is not for everyone, and you need to be in top condition if you are to trek to Everest Base Camp or beyond. While a trip to the summit will take you around 3 months to complete and set you back somewhere in the region of $70,000, you can do an 18-day hike to EBC for just a couple of thousand dollars.

White-Water Rafting Holiday in Tasmania

If you love water-based activities, and fancy tackling some of the most demanding rapids on earth, pack your life jacket and head on down to Tasmania, where you can paddle for up to 11 days on a white-water rafting holiday through some amazing waterfalls and rainforests.

Sand-Boarding Holidays in Namibia

Fancy boarding without the snow? You can do it in Namibia on a fabulous sand boarding holiday in the world’s highest sand dunes. This exhilarating extreme sports holiday can be combined with a safari adventure too, so there’s no chance of you getting bored here!

Mountain Biking Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa

A 300km, 4-day mountain bike expedition across some of Africa’s most beautiful yet challenging terrain, the Tour de Tuli (Tour de Wilderness) Cycle Tour is the ultimate extreme sports holiday for extreme cyclists. It takes place in August each year… and you can register your place right now!







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