Air Berlin on the Brink? Grab Yourself a Flight Bargain!

After losing its funding from Etihad Airways last week, Air Berlin filed for insolvency sending millions of travellers into panic mode, with many fearing that they would be stranded abroad or have their dream holiday cancelled. But if the latest headlines are anything to go by, it seems there’s no need to panic just yet… in fact, if you are looking for a flight bargain, now could be a great time to shop!

In a bid to keep Germany’s second largest airline afloat, the German government has stepped in with a €150 million loan for Air Berlin, which will keep the airline in business for the next three months while it breaks down its assets and sells them off to the highest bidder.

Just today, Germany’s number #1 carrier Lufthansa placed a bid to take over a substantial amount of Air Berlin’s assets, and if the bid is accepted, the future of the failing airline could be decided as early as next month. Germany’s Economy Minister, Brigitte Zypries, has welcomed the bid from Lufthansa, but it seems other budget airlines such as Ryanair and EasyJet, intend to fight for their place in the negotiations.

So, what does all this mean for Air Berlin travellers? Well, the airline is operating ‘business as usual’, and so until we hear more about the take-over, it looks as though all flight bookings will go ahead as planned.  Air Berlin has released a statement with FAQs on its website, here are two that will put many people’s minds at rest:

Do tickets remain valid? Yes, all ticketing tickets are still valid.

Will tickets already issued be reimbursed? All tickets issued before 15 August 2017 are not refundable. This is excluded from insolvency law. Tickets valid from 15 August 2017 will be subject to applicable tariff conditions.

Air Berlin is still accepting new bookings on it’s website, and while you may be somewhat reluctant to invest in the airline, there are some fantastic deals to be had for those departing from Germany. Here a just a couple of flights deals available today:

  • September 2017: Frankfurt to New York return trip from €364.00 per person
  • October 2017: Munich to Los Angeles return trip from €333.00 per person
  • October 2017: Berlin to San Francisco return trip from €332.00 per person

Would you dare to book with Air Berlin for travel within the next 3 months?  Drop us a line and let us know!






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