Find Your Own Little Piece of Paradise within the United Nations World Tourism Organisation 2017 Report

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation has released its latest World Tourism Barometer, and if you are looking for a holiday destination that is remote, uncrowded, and completely void of all things touristy, you may just find it on their list of the world’s least visited countries.

With holiday hotspots in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia, there really is something for everyone on this comprehensive list, so why not grab your passport, pack a few essentials, and prepare to unleash your inner wanderlust with these Top 5 Tourist Free Travel Destinations…

Tuvalu, South Pacific

A picture-perfect holiday destination for those who love sugar white sand, turquoise oceans, and unspoilt beauty, Tuvalu is a tropical island paradise… but despite ticking all the dream holiday destination boxes, it attracted just 1,000 visitors in 2016!

Sao Tome & Principe, Africa

If water-based activities are high up on your holiday wish list, Africa’s second-smallest country, Sao Tome & Principe should be your number #1 choice in 2017. Dolphins and humpback whales are abundant here, and the diving spots are said to be some of the best in the world. In 2016, 8,000 people visited here, which averages at around 666 people per month.

Liechtenstein, Europe

Austria and Switzerland are two of the most popular countries in Europe when it comes to both summer and winter holidays, but Liechtenstein, which is nestled neatly between the two, attracted just 69,000 visitors in 2016.  It may be the 6th smallest country in the world, but it has much to offer the traveller – including family-run vineyards that are just waiting to be discovered.

Anguilla, Caribbean

Having been to Anguilla, this one comes to a huge surprise to me, but it seems St Barth’s little sister is not nearly as busy as the celebrity hotspot.  Just 79,000 visitors came here in 2016, but I’m pretty sure that more than 80% of those will be heading back soon – it really is paradise, and in my humble option, has the best beaches in the world!!

Bhutan, Asia

Located on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, between Tibet and India, Bhutan is a holiday destination quite unlike any other.  Traditional, cultural, and a dream for intrepid travellers, it’s well worth going through the visa process to get there. Sadly, it seems to put many people off, as just 155,000 visited las year.




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