Long Haul Holidays: Wine & Dine in the World’s Cheapest Cities

Like it or not, tomorrow, Friday 22nd September 2017, is officially the last day of summer here in Europe, and if that depressing thought doesn’t get you thinking about white sandy beaches, exotic far-flung destinations, and your next long-haul trip overseas… we don’t know what will!

Fortunately, September is a fabulous time of the year to book a winter sun holiday. Long-haul flights are generally cheaper, and many resorts offer early booking discounts, but if you want to find the best value destination for your winter sun break, take a look at the Post Office’s Long-Haul Holiday Report, which lists the world’s cheapest (and most expensive) cities.

The report is based on the cost of 10 items typically purchased by tourists, including a cup of coffee, a bottle of local beer, a bottle of mineral water, insect repellent, sun lotion, and a 3-course meal for two with a bottle of house wine, and the results are surprising, to say the least!

Dining out in Rio de Janeiro will cost you 3 times more than it would in Tokyo, and so it is essential that you research your destination if you are to travel in style, wine and dine to your heart’s delight, and so do without breaking your travel budget.

According the Post Office Long-Haul Report, here are the World’s Cheapest Cities for your 2017 Winter Holiday, along with the cost of a 3-course meal for two with wine:

#1: Tokyo, Japan – £48.90

#2: Cape Town, South Africa – £64.50

#3: Mombasa, Kenya – £68.59

#4: Colombo, Sri Lanka – £75.83

#5: Hoi An, Vietnam – £76.74

#6: Bali, Indonesia – £76.95

#7: Tamarindo, Costa Rica – £79.94

#8: Orlando, USA – £80.60

#9: Penang, Malaysia – £81.77

#10: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – £85.34

At the other end of the scale, here are 5 of the World’s Most Expensive Cities for your 2017 break:

#1: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – £160.00

#2: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai – £157.75

#3: China Town, Singapore – £152.4

#4: Muscat, Oman – £141.29

#5: Darwin, Australia – £138.75


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