A Tribute to Thailand: Go Visit the Land of Smiles!

Thailand is celebrating, and rightly so, thanks to the magnificent efforts of local and international diving teams and support crews, the Wild Boar Football Team and their coach are finally free from the caves of Chiang Rai!

It’s not often a story like this has a happy ending, and while we should all take a moment to pay our respects to Saman Kunan, the former navy Seal diver who sadly lost his life while attempting to rescue the young boys, we should celebrate the fact that his efforts were instrumental in their escape. He is a true hero, and we shall be forever in his debt.

Thailand is, arguably, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and it is also one of the friendliest, which is perhaps why it is referred to as ‘The Land of Smiles’. The people of Thailand welcome international visitors with open arms, and we’re not just talking about the tourist epicentres of Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. The further you head out into Thailand’s vast and colourful countryside, the friendlier the people get, and if you are lucky enough to be invited into a traditional family home for dinner, you may just think you have arrived in heaven.

Of course, Thailand has its seedy side, but there’s absolutely no need to part of it… unless you want to! There are many areas in Thailand that are suitable for families, couples, and honeymooners, and it is probably one of the best countries in Southeast Asia for a multi-destination holiday.

Travelling across Thailand is easy and affordable, and if you are looking for a truly unique travel experience, you need to try the bus from Chiang Mai to Bangkok (or vice-versa). The buses are clean and well-maintained, the drivers are traditionally erratic, and if you decide to take the night bus option, you can expect to be woken up at 4am for a spot of Thai Karaoke! It’s a bus ride quite unlike any other, and something you will never forget.

Thailand homes some of the most beautiful beaches, and if you know where to look, you will not have to share you own piece of paradise with millions of other travellers. Koh Payam, Koh Kradan, and the Ko Tarutao Marine National Park are all just waiting to be discovered.

If you feel inspired to book your trip to Thailand, now is the perfect time to visit. August to October may be the wettest months of the year, but with toasty temperatures, cheaper hotels, and fabulous last-minute deals, you could experience the Land of Smiles for less!






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