Cheapest Long-Haul Holiday Destinations Revealed: Here’s Where You Should Be Heading

Summer will officially come to an end on Sunday this week, and while the good weather is set to stick around for a little bit longer, it will soon be time to dig out those winter woollies, dust off the boots, and prepare for the colder climes that are set to see us all the way through until spring…

A depressing thought, I know, but you don’t have to succumb to the winter blues. The Post Office has just released its annual Long-Haul Travel Report, which reveals the world’s cheapest long-haul holiday destinations for the coming autumn and winter!

The Travel Report compares the average cost of 10 travel staples such as drinks, dinner for two, and sightseeing activities in popular resorts and cities around the world. These costs are then tallied to identify the cheapest destination for international travellers, and voila, you have a list of cheap winter holiday destinations at your fingertips.

So where should you be heading for a super-duper winter holiday this year? Well, it’s perhaps no surprise, but Cape Town in South Africa is the cheapest destination for your long-haul break, and with over R19 South Africa Rand to the Pound GBP, your holiday spending money will go a whole lot further in this part of the world.

Your basket of 10 travel staples will cost just £51.48 here, with a three-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine costing just £30.33, a coffee costing £1.31, and a local beer costing just £1.44 in a bar.  With glorious sunshine, endless activities, and all the safari encounters you could possibly wish for, South Africa has long been voted the world’s best holiday destination, and it is now also the cheapest!

If that doesn’t want to make you book a flight to Cape Town, we don’t know what will, but if you’ve already done South Africa and are looking for something a little bit different, here are the other destinations that made it on to the cheapest long-haul list:

  1. Cape Town, South Africa
  2. Toyko, Japan
  3. Bali, Indonesia
  4. Mobasa, Kenya
  5. Hoi An, Vietnam
  6. Cancun, Mexico
  7. Orlando, United States
  8. Penang, Malaysia
  9. Chicago, United States
  10. Phuket, Thailand

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