Christmas Flights – Have You Left It Too Late to Bag Yourself a Bargain?

We haven’t even celebrated Halloween yet, and so I hate to mention the ‘C’ word so soon, but the fact it, we have just 12 weeks to go until the fun and frivolities of the festive season begin, and if you plan to book a flight over the Christmas period, well, you had better get a move on!

winter holidays

According to Skycanner, an award-winning travel app that searches thousands of flights in just a few seconds, the months of July and September are the best months of the year to book Christmas flights, when you could save up to 10% on the cost of your average flight ticket.

Alas, I know I’m a tad late and July and September have already passed us by – but worry not! The second best time of the year to book your Christmas holiday flight tickets is from 1st to 7th October, and so you have three whole days to secure yourself a festive bargain and save a rather splendid 6 percent on your flight ticket home to see loved ones, or a long-haul escape to some far-flung and exotic destination where winter woollies are nothing more than a distant memory.

Gone are the days when you could secure yourself a last-minute flight ticket deal, and if we are to take Skyscanner’s advice, we should book our Christmas flight tickets ASAP.  The closer we get to the big day, the higher the prices climb, with ticket prices soaring by 9% during the week before Christmas.

So, there you have it, if you are planning to escape this festive season and indulge in a well-earned winter holiday, make sure you book your flight ticket by this coming Sunday. Not only could you save yourself a fortune, but you’ll also have something to look forward too, and there’s nothing better than the thought of sun, sea, and toasty temperatures to keep those winter blues at bay!


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