Anyone for Everesting? The Latest Cycling Challenge for Adventurous Travellers

If you cannot decide between Climbing Mount Everest or taking a cycling holiday such as the Cape Argus Cycle Tour next year, why not combine the two spend your next summer holiday doing a spot of ‘Everesting’!

Cape Argus Cycling Holidays

The latest trend in endurance cycling for extreme hardcore cyclists, Everesting involves “climbing the height of Mount Everest (8,848 metres) on a single climb in a single ride”, which you can do anywhere in the world – providing you follow the strict rules in place:

  • Rides can be of any length, and on any hill or mountain, but no loops allowed
  • It does not matter how long the ride takes, but it must be ridden in one attempt, breaks for sleeping are not allowed, although you can break for meals etc.
  • The 8,848m Everesting challenge is your total elevation gain, therefore, descents will not count unless there is some climbing involved, in which case this will count towards you total.
  • Your rides must focus on one hill or mountain, and you can only cycle along one route per ride, i.e. you cannot ride different routes on any one mountain during your Everesting attempt.
  • Riders take full responsibility for taking on an Everesting attempt, and the event founders recommend you “listen to your mum” before committing to this extreme cycling challenge.
  • No section of the ride can be walked – full stop.
  • You must record your ride with a GPS device with an altimeter or barometer.
  • All rides must be publicly verifiable via Strava, and all Everesting submissions must be verified.
  • Finally, be safe. It only counts if you get off the mountain…!

Designed to push your limits to the max, Everesting can be compared to running a marathon, completing a triathlon, or climbing Mount Everest itself, so if you are ready for your next extreme endurance cycling challenge, here a few rides to consider:

Mount Buffalo, Australia.  You’ll need to cycle Mount Buffalo eight times to reach your Everesting total of 8,848metres, but as it is set in one of the most stunning national parks in Victoria in the Australian Alps, the views will be breathtaking!  Australian Sarah Hammond became the first women to complete an Everesting challenge here, which took her a mere 18 hours.

Stelvio Pass, Italy.  If you cannot bear the thought of eight laps, head on over to the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy for your Everesting Challenge.  You will only have to cycle up five times to achieve your goal!

I think I’ll stick with the Cape Argus and Everest Base Camp for now, what about you…?




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