675 Days Travelling the World – Is This the Perfect Honeymoon?

Choosing the right honeymoon destination is no easy task, and while some couples still prefer the traditional beach honeymoon, many modern couples are looking for adventure, new experiences, and far-flung locations to spend their first weeks of marriage together.

My husband and I fall into the latter category, and rather than spending some £25,000 on a traditional church wedding, we decided to ditch the pomp and ceremony, get married in Las Vegas, and spend the next four weeks driving from Los Angeles to Key West in what can only be described as a holiday of a lifetime!

Safari HoneymoonYou may think that four weeks sounds like a long time, but when you compare our self-drive honeymoon with that of adventurous New Yorker’s – Anne and Mike Howard, well, it was just a warm-up really.

Anne and Mike have recently made headlines after spending a whopping 675 days travelling the world on honeymoon.  With a budget of approximately £50 per day, this amazing couple crossed six continents, visited 33 countries, and stayed in over 300 different places.

By getting savvy with frequent flyer miles and exchanging their writing and photography skills for overnight stays in hotels, the newlyweds managed to stay in 72 luxury hotels, take 41 safaris, partake in 6 volunteer projects, Scuba dive 39 times, and enjoy 8 glacier treks!

Since returning to ‘normal life’, Anne and Mike have set up their own company honeytrek.com, to advise other couples on how to get the most out of their honeymoon adventure.

So if you think Barbados and Hawaii are just too conventional for your honeymoon, why not do something totally different – and travel the world with your best friend, just imagine the stories you will have to tell the grandkids!




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